With no Chihuahua de Mayo this year being held in Daytona Beach, what is a Chihuahua loving family supposed to do for Cinco de Mayo? Attend the Running of the Chihuahuas event in Downtown Winter Park, that’s what! Apparently Cocina 214 – an amazing Tex-Mex restaurant by the way – has held the race for the last 5 years? How did I not know about this???

We do not have a Chihuahua that could possibly stay focused long enough to race anything but to bring our two best specimens and spectate? OMG YES!! We had to! We packed up Tino and Georgie (both varieties had to be represented of course) and head down to Winter Park.

It was a blast! So many Chihuahuas and their adoring families! They had the streets blocked off and a race area set up with astroturf. I will not lie – I didn’t see many “successful” runs, but it was too much fun to watch. A tad hot for my liking – and for the dog’s – but the timing was perfect – Everything was wrapped but by 1 pm. And the t-shirts they sold were too cool to not buy. LOVE IT! Can’t wait for next year! Perhaps we should start training the boys to compete?




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