Day two at the ICE dog show and it was a blast! So may great people and their adorable dogs. The group with the golden were awesome and I have some new fond friends in the hound group as well! Can’t wait to be back next year!!

In addition to photographing all the fabulous wins as well as the memory card full of candids, I have some Figgy news to share too!

Yesterday Debi, Hope and I discussed the upcoming Toy Dog Speciality in Kissimmee and how Hope needs a toy breed to show to help increase her Junior competitions. Of all of my dogs, I figured that Tino would be the easiest for someone else to show. I brought him along to see how he would behave for her – If he did well then she could show him at the shows. I have to say, I think we have a nice little pair for the specialty. I will show him in breed and in owner-handler and she will show him in Junior Showmanship next month. I think they are going to do great together!


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