Teddy puppies are known for sugar drops around the age of 6 weeks. My first Teddy litter had all three girls crashing at 5 weeks of age  – KC was the first! Now Milly is not a Teddy daughter but she is a KCee granddaughter and that is obviously where the hypoglycemia comes into play because Little Miss Sandy was the first to have a sugar drop in this litter – Followed by her sister Tini. I noticed they just weren’t “with it” as they were yesterday and with a check of the gums (white as a ghost they were) a dose of Nutri-Cal was administered. Luckily I caught it before Kayro Syrup was required. They both bounced back rather quickly and none of the boys ever crashed but you know we will be keeping an eye on them over the next couple of weeks. Thank you Terri for helping me tend to the girls!




5 Weeks Old
Grow With Me Ball Pit