So when Karen told me that Emma was in search of a new Juniors dog I immediately mentioned Breezy as a possible option. We have spent the last several months getting her into condition and building her confidence so she might just be a good choice. I was informed by a very experience hound handler that Emma and Breezy need to bond before stepping into the ring together – Like sleep in the same bed and be together all the time bonding – So it was decided that they would come bring her back to their house before they make their debut in Ocala. Today was that day!

Karen, Emma and Anna drove over to not only pick up Breezy but also play with the puppies and of course, take in lunch at Bahama Breeze! We had a blast – and have decided that we need to do this WAY more often!  Especially since the two seemed to just blend on their first trip around the cul-de-sac. I think they may have a really good shot at being a nice Junior team! Fingers Crossed!





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