What an amazingly memory filled second day in Biloxi! And it all started in the show ring!

First of all, we had some time to do some more table training this morning before our ring time. I would say that it paid off because he was calm as a cucumber on the table in the ring. Mr Tino was totally on point today with his gait too because he walked around the ring like the Champion that he is! Best of Breed for a 4 point Major – his third needed towards his Grand Champion title! As of today he only needs four single points – or of course a 4 point major! We have three more shows here in Biloxi so we may just have our first Grand Champion by the end of the weekend!

Tino’s second trip around the ring showed he had even more confidence! He walked in like he owns the ring and he was rewarded for it for sure! We only have two days of Owner-Handler competition this week and with breed we got our 5 points. We also got a Group Four in Owner-Handler Groups!!! SO EXCITED!!! That should most definitely put him in the running for Top 10 standing! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

On a side note, I can’t help but watch the weather updates on Hurricane Irma and have truly contemplated going home early. The path keeps altering and my nerves are shot. I so love me friends! They are trying their darnedest to keep my mind off the storm and of course my family and home. After the show today we ventured out to explore the joys of Biloxi – The all you can eat crab legs at the local casino!!! Total Yummage! An awesome dinner filled with friends and laughter and of course, seafood!

On the way back to the hotel we had to stop off at Walmart for room snacks and supplies. I also needed to get me new jammies. You see, traveling with Dolly requires thick skin. That’s because she keeps the temperature in the 60’s. All of her dogs in tow are brachycephalic – Japanese Chin, French Bull Dog and Pug! Sooooooo, they need to be kept cool at all times. To my demise. I HAVE BEEN FREEZING MY BUTT OFF! In the car is bad but at night in the hotel is the worst. I had to get me jammies to keep me warm. What do you think of my selection???


Pointless Start
So Close I Can Taste It!