Another exciting day for this litter. We drove out to Rita’s tonight bring Sandy for her to evaluate. This was her pick of the litter, with her reminding her so much of her sweet Fanny. It didn’t take long for Rita to fall and fall HARD – Her new name is Kisses (You can bet I am saving Sandy’s name for a future pup). I’m so excited that she will be staying around so I can watch her grow and mature and of course be there to root her on as she excels in Rita’s program.

While I was there this evening rediscovering enough to give the next set of vaccines to the remaining pups (sometime I am just too squeamish to do on my own) and I also got me some Eddie time! Being that he is the grandfather to this litter, I see so much of him but in the puppies too. He is such a sweet boy and I was so honored to have in a short period of time that we did. He is a great addition to my program and I’m honored to continue his legacy.



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