We made it though the second night with two Lakeland Terriers and four Chihuahuas in a hotel room! That is my first very proud announcement! My second is that Mr Tino was less of a pistol today and got Best Opposite Sex today. We didn’t do so well in OH Groups but I am still reeling from yesterday’s group placement so its all good!

I got to see our sweet Stella today too. She is looking so fabulous and should really be winning based on what has been in the ring lately. I am shocked that she didn’t get any points this weekend  – Maybe next? In the meantime, my sweetie totally missed me! I cannot wait until she is finished and can come home!

Waiting for the Lakeland’s to show I had a lot of downtime. So while I waited I got to hold a lot of leads. Mastiffs, Ridgebacks, Pomeranians and even a Pug. And as I mentioned yesterday, I will create an entirely separate post on the Lakelands. SO deserving of it’s own spotlight. OMG!

The pups have done fantastic with all of the changes and commotion of show life. Tipsy did more walking today and both puppies got extra loving today. Mario and Myriam drove over to Ocala to catch the show and root us on in the ring. It was so awesome to catch up and visit.




What A Start
My Weekend With The Terriers