My dear friend Marcy and I have been planning this day for a long time. She has a very special dog named Duper that we decided would come down here to Florida to get some showing experience under his belt. Also under my belt! ┬áHe would give me an opportunity to show a stellar dog that is a true showman! I’ve never had that before and I’m very excited for the opportunity!

I will be showing him at the Brooksville circuit next month if all goes well and I cannot wait to learn from him while he soaks in the Florida sunshine. His coat is absolutely amazing! I wonder what the warmer weather’s going to do do it? I know that cold weather will grow a nice, thick coat. I think he has enough to share! I think my lessons are going to start in grooming that’s for sure!

Within minutes of him walking into the house he fit right in with Figgy crew like he been here forever! He’s going to do just fine.




My Weekend With The Terriers
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