So they say you need to walk into the ring every single time is if you’re going to win. I really suck at that! I walked in assuming I was going to have the same results as the last two days… A select if I’m lucky… There are way too many amazing dogs here this weekend. I wasn’t even paying attention to Tino in the ring. Clearly the judge was though. So much so that she she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him and had a scar around several times. She really really liked him and told me his movement was beautiful! I will definitely be taking note and showing him to her again! It was all me as the failure not him. I couldn’t keep him focused!

The big accomplishment was that we actually finished Britney! Oh my gosh it’s so amazing that I could be there to witness it and also be apart of it! I’m so happy for Darius and for Britney’s owner! His been amazing journey for this very special and amazing Havanese! We even celebrated by eating pecan waffles at the Waffle House for lunch! Anyone that knows me knows that’s a huge way to celebrate!

After showing we dashed back to the hotel, packed up all the dogs, and headed back to Florida. And yes, Duncan still has the best seat in the house!



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