I’m so unbelievably proud! Barbara and I have work successfully together for the last six years on the Meet the Breed booth at the AKC National Championships here in Orlando. From the moment we realized we had a chance to actually compete, she and I put together our talents and created amazing booths to present and represent our fabulous breed. Starting that second year, we have placed every year exclamation point it started with a Group 3 then Group 2, then Group 1 and even Best in Show! This year we took home another Group 2! I couldn’t be more proud honestly!

It is such an honor to be able to share the Chihuahua breed with so many people! From the small children that are afraid of our tiny little “ankle biter’s” to the adults that feel the same way. Giving them a positive experience, with friendly Chihuahua’s is such an amazing gift! Tino and Tipsy were perfect examples of our amazing breed, making their way into many Photo Booth Photos! With so many friends from years past stopping by as well as guests and families that come each year to see our dogs. What an honor! Honestly this is my most favorite event of the year and I’m so proud of being able to be a part of it!


What An Amazing Day In OTown!