I honestly don’t even know where to begin to share just how amazing today was! I woke up thinking it was just going to be such an honor to participate. Never in my wildest dreams but I’ve thought things would unfold the way that they did! We didn’t come home with any amazing ribbons or prizes but the experiences we’re hands down, beyond amaze-balls!

It started with the fact that today is the CCA Regional Specialty as well as the AKC National Owner-Handler Series Finals. I got to wear my orange Saint John Knit suit that I felt empowered in! Of course the timing of the two events clashed and I had to leave during the smooth coat competition to participate in the finals so over to the main rings several of us ran to compete. Tino was ranked number 7 owner-handled in the country. Michelle and Hotrod – ranked number 1 not only in breed but in owner handler, were there to participate as well. Again, I was just so honored to be invited and that is exactly how I walked into the rain. Rooting for Michelle and Hotrod was always my intent and that is exactly what I did! They are amazing to watch together!

When the AKC television crew asked to record Hotrrod while he was in the ring, I could not help but laugh. There’s nothing like putting a big flag on the dog that is supposed to win. Others were upset, even Michelle kind of shrugged with an apologetic look. But it is what it is. He’s an amazing dog and deserves the spotlight – and the win! What was amazing to me was that the judge made it very clear that she liked Tino. Very clear! It was hands down my proudest moment! In the big ring… The ring I worked so hard to get into this year… and the judge definitely loved my dog! We’re totally in for trying again for next year for sure!

We ran back to specialty ring, just in time to make it to watch Darius in with Stella and then for us to go in for breed. Again never really thought I had a shot so I walked in just wanting to have fun with him. I was still on cloud nine from the finals! Tino actually showed spectacular! The more I don’t think about it the better he does when I’m on the lead! I need to STOP THINKING!!!

We didn’t place but the judge spent a lot of time looking at him. It was when I came out of the rain when Myrle, one of the most respected breeders in Chihuahua’s sought me out to ask me about Tino and tell me that she really loved him! That he is an amazing Special that I need to take out more. I was floored! And beyond honored. You can guarantee that we will be out in 2018!

The amazing experiences of the day did not end there! We needed to have a Ring Stewart for Specialty and Sandy agreed to step in. When the Stewart they had for their specialty canceled they asked if I would step in. I’ve never stewarded at show in my life! Let alone a National Club Specialty. I said I would do it as long as I receive some help and guidance. I’m so glad that I agreed to do it because oh my word was it a lot of fun. If I ever wish to be a judge – LOL – I just met one of the requirements. Plus I got to witness the best part of the day! Duncan and Darius took Best-of-Breed at the Specialty! I was so happy for everybody! I love that dog so much and to watch Darius and Sandy was a true gift! What a perfect way to end the week! Now I can’t wait for the weekend at the Meet the Breed booth!





We Have A Tie!
We Placed Again!!!!