I’m here to tell you that the dog show community is like no other and I am beyond proud to be apart of it! Also everything happens for reason – I truly believe that.

I fully intended for KC to live out every single day of her life on my couch! This is Tino’s mother! This is my very first Teddy daughter that changed my program forever! She is the sweetest, kindest and gentlest Chihuahua I have ever met let alone produced! She has loved the back of my couch since the day she was retired and I honestly thought that we would see her there for 10+ more years. That was until I had a conversation with Jen at a dogs show about her grandparents….

Jen’s grandparents had a poodle that they had unit the tender age of like 14!!! Unfortunately those 14 years were not all that pleasant. The poodle was a biter snd less than happy girl. All her grandmother wanted was a dog to sit on her lap ad let her be brushed. Simple request right? Yeah, not so simple when the poodle wanted nothing to do with being on someone’s lap let alone being brushed.

As a resident Chihuahua breeder, of course I was asked if I personally had a little one that was looking for a laugh a lap. Jen is close fiends with Renee and I was this first person with little dogs she could think of to ask. I didn’t have anyone I was actively looking to place. But then KC came to mind. Show would be perfect! Exactly what she described as needing. A total lap lover who could be brushed for hours in pure joy.

Sometimes our own wants need to be put aside for what’s best for our four-legged loved ones. KC would thrive as the only dog in a home where she could get all of the attention and love possible. My heart knew this was the right decision. So I drove over to the coast to bring her to her new forever lap loving family.

The bond was INSTANT! Not just for Jen and her mom but for Jen’s grandparents who fell instantly and fell hard! I am soooooo happy for everyone – mostly KC because he deserves every once of love she is getting She is a special girl that changed my life forever. And now she has changed theirs!!

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