Today is been in the works for quite a while and there are so many amazing pieces to it! First of all Jane and Paul are family! They may have reached out to me one fateful day, randomly looking for a new family pet but from that moment on they became part of my family!

They brought home Kiki and Huggy – Too very special dogs that are key to my program and have a special place in my heart. Up to Rhode Island they all traveled and the rest is history their family’s life forever too. Kids and grandkids in the human world blended with their new canine family. They eventually They eventually brought home Beamer who just so happens to be Georgie’s father!

The moment I mentioned that he was being retired, they immediately raised their hand and said he had to be thing new bestest buddy for his dad. Beamer was living with their daughter and grandkids! On their next family vacation to Florida they would bring him home with them to join the grand babies and Beamer. Hence, getting the snippity-snip was to get him ready for his new adventures.

Today they are all flying back home to Rhode Island. I AM SO EXCITED!! Their family grows and so does the warmth in my heart!!!

Bitter Sweet
Dream Come True