We woke to bone chilling temps in Atlanta (36 degrees for gawd’s sake) and me having a fever to boot! I seriously woke up feeling like complete crap! I didn’t even have enough energy to put on makeup, early combing my hair. I figured the last day would follow suit to the pattern of yesterday – No love for Tipsy and a second/Reserve combo for Duper. I predicted correctly – and then off to the car with the I ran to bundle up and watch dogs while Darius showed the rest of his dogs. I was miserable!

Even with Tasha keeping my feet warm! She was in a bit of a panic watching and waiting for her favorite human but she managed to keep it somewhat together!

Bonus of the day – Outside of getting to nap on the drive home – Seeing I made it into the Canine Chronicle for the Meet the Breed booth in December! So honored!!!!

Mr. Reserve
Playing With A Whippet