Huggie, Eddie and packed up bright and early and headed back to Lakeland this morning and I had a goal in mind for the remainder of this weekend. For Eddie, it’s to keep that tail up and to help him be a bit more relaxed and for Huggie, keeping his head up and a bit more animated. With The Edster, we kept the tail up but man was he on the tense side. The Husgter? I bought a new show lead to see if I could pull a bit tighter on the neck and I think the change up threw him off. I went from a Braided Show Lead (which I LOVE) to a Resco 3/16″ Cordo-Hyde Show Lead.

I have to say, for Huggie, this is the better lead since it gives me more control and I was able to lift his head from under his chin much better. Thing is, I only worked with him briefly with it before we entered the ring today and both boys didn’t do so great today. I will work with them and the new leads this evening and see if tomorrow is a better day.


Lakeland-Winter Haven, Here We Come!
Man Was It Cold!