When we packed up this morning to head out to Lakeland this morning, I swear there was frost on the car! IT WAS COLD!!! Add the wind and it turned brutal. OUCH!

Today started the Sara-Bay shows and with a 9 am ring time, the sun hadn’t had enough time to warm anything this morning – Including the judge’s fingers. Lets just say that the examination on the table had all of the dogs a bit stiff. Between classes, we would all pack up our dogs in blanket covered carriers and crates, keeping the canines warmer than us humans. We were bundled in winter jackets and gloves. It was in the high 30’s when we got there and it wasn’t until the long coats entered the ring that the body heat accumulated enough for jackets to be taken off.

If you haven’t been to the Sun N Fun property for a show before, it’s an airport and museum, with the shows being held in actual hangars. There is on heat – and no a/c either. A very unique property but when the weather is not so friendly, it can make things interesting.

Needless to say, the boys did better than yesterday but the uber cold weather had them a tad off their game. Me too boys! ME TOO!

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