Hope wants to play with the big kids

Dream, Hope and I headed out to Shelly with Showboat Chihuahuas to get some post vaccine socialization for Hope and so help with lead training for Dream. The last time Shelly saw Hope she was less than a week old and we were still wondering if she was going to make it. 9 weeks later, she is now a beautiful, rambunctious and precocious little puppy that immediately gave Shelly loving kisses. And I can tell you this, it was all she could do to not be running and playing with the big kids. We penned her to keep her contained and Shelly’s 8 month old puppies were all about meeting and trying to eat with the new girl.

Dream StackingNow, on the Dream lead training front, it only took about 20 minutes of being baited with the other dogs for her to finally take steps with the lead around her neck. It was only 10 steps, but she moved – SUCCESS! Now it’s time to see if she can at least double that tomorrow at the TBCC Spring Training Session…



Not Taking The Lead
First Ring Experience - CHECK!