Dream at the Training Session

Today was the Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club’s Spring Training Session. Club members can bring their puppies and other Chihuahuas to a training session to give them conformation experience in a more relaxed environment. All of our lead, table and bait training in the comforts of home are one things – The NEW environment can change everything!

Dream’s 10 steps yesterday reduced to two today in the ring. Poor things was not a sitting statue today, but made for a pretty standing one. We tried everything to get her to take a step but it simply wasn’t meant to be. We kept the whole experience as positive as possible, giving her treats of BBQ hotdogs minus the condiments. I think that made her a rather happy camper in the end.

KC and Lulu at the Training Session

And I am sure you are waiting with bated breath to hear how KC and Kahlua did in their ring debut. I made an agreement to help Rita with her littermate puppies if she help me with mine. We both want to show our girls in the Bred By class officially, so we have to choose one to work with at a time. But the other must still be worked with so that when their time comes, they will be ready.

I have been working with the girls for the last month on the table and to walk on the lead. They have actually been easier than Dream! They walk – it may not be pretty, but they walk. They have the attention span of a fly at the age of four months, but they are well on their way. And these mini training sessions at home, paid off today. They made their way around, me with Kahlua and Rita with KC, and for their first time ever, I was so very pleased with how well they did. KC took second and Kahlua took fourth – They made me so proud!


Love for Aunt Shelly
Go KC!