The Sweepstakes was clearly the warm up for this afternoon’s show. I was SO proud of KC! Only two lead tugs and she rocked the gait for sure. For some reason, the table stack training steps kicked in and there was no more leaning and back leg lifts. She stood perfectly and beautifully on the table. ANd when the judge puled her for fourth place, I was the proudest I have ever been in the ring. Proud for fourth place you ask?

KC's First Dog Show Appearance Well, I entered KC in the bred-by-exhibitor class. She only turned six months old on the 11th and is clearly a young pup. But her litter was planned for today. Planned for this weekend! I wanted my own grey-by puppy to enter into our Speciality. Our first back-to-back Speciality at that! AndI also made the decision to earn my first Bred-By Exhibitor Medallion. To earn this medallion, any points earned in the ring must be in the Bred-By Exhibitor class.  So from this day forward, she will be entered in the lass, having to compete against other females of all ages. She is competing against older and experienced bitches that are much more mature and developed. And today she competed against seven other bitches and this was her very first time in the show ring. So, now do you understand why I am so dang proud of our fourth place today? Ohhhh YEAH!

Very Proud Momma
Ready For Day Two