Alexis in the ring as a JuniorMy daughter Alexis made her Junior Debut this afternoon and she actually kicked off the Speciality event! With a 1:00 pm ring time, she was the lone Junior in the ring and she handled it all perfectly! I know it took a lot to be the first in the ring and to be alone. She made a couple of mistakes – things that if I understood how they were judged better we could have explained and trained for better.

The judge asked her to do an odd pattern – One that she has never done before. But after a second set of instructions, she nailed it. That was followed by a request to do a “small circle”.  Another pattern she was unfamiliar with. Again, after a second set of instructions, she mastered it. The fact that this was her first time and that she was the single Junior in the ring, it was the best thing to happen in the end. The judge was so wonderful with her and helped her so much – I am so grateful!

Alexis in the ring as a JuniorAlexis came out of the ring with shaking hands and a huge smile. I don’t even think she heard the whole room clapping and rooting for her. I am so proud of her. And her first request after it all sunk in? “I need to learn more patterns mom

I heard a rumor and guess what?It’s true! There is a Junior Jamboree in our near future and should be perfect for her , and a LOT of fun!!!!! Check out Page 17 of the Premium List for the Jupiter-Tequesta summer shows. Since I was unable to find  anything on their website, I thought I would paste the info in this post:


Free Juniors JAMBOREE/Seminar July 12, 2013

The Sunshine State Herding Group association and the Jupiter-Tequesta Dog Club are going to make it an exciting summer for kids in Florida & Georgia as they prepare for the upcoming “Junior Jamboree” in West palm Beach, Florida. The jamboree, taking place July 12th will bring together aKC judges, handlers, parents & juniors to encourage and support the future of our sport!

For those who are new to the sport or may be unaware, Junior Showmanship classes are offered at most all-breed & specialty shows. Divided into three age groups (junior intermediate & senior) and two experience levels (novice & open), the children are judged not by the quality of their dog, but by their ability to handle. The coming Jamboree will offer our juniors the opportunity to further develop their skills & pair older experienced kids with new novices. on July 12th, the juniors will attend various seminars that will focus on dog show Rules & Regulations, how to fill out forms, basic anatomy, patterns that judges may ask them to perform, sportsmanship & what judges do not want to see when they see a junior in the ring.

one of the highlights of the weekend will be the clothes exchange (kids and adults bring GOOD clothes and shoes they no longer use for Juniors to try on and KEEP). Handling lessons (group tips) by PHA (professional Handlers association) members, 6 dog show matches (practices that do not count for real credit or points) by age & experience leading to a final “Best Junior”. it will prove to be an exciting event! anyone interested in become a Junior Showman (aKC, 4H, UKC, etc.) is welcome to join us. all-american dogs are permitted.

Date of Seminar: Friday, July 12, 2013. Registration closes June 25, 2013.
Place: Exposition Center at the South Florida Fairgrounds (Site is sponsored by Jupiter-Tequesta Dog Club) 9067 Southern Blvd., West palm Beach, FL 33411

Jupiter-tequesta Dog Club is offering all Junior Showmanship classes for free at their shows the following two days.more information and the registration form are available at SSHGA facebook.

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Our Little Lady ROCKED It!