Alexis had more spectators than ever before this afternoon, with our entire family and her best friend coming to watch her at the Space Coast Kennel Club show today. Huggie was back to his happy and healthy self and ready to go back in the ring with my daughter but I could see the moment they stood in front of the judge before their first walk around that the nerves had gotten to her. Perhaps all of the extra sets of eyes? She spent more time looking outside the ring for her guests and fiddling with the bait in her pocket (her first suit WITH pockets mind you) than focusing on Huggie. It’s all good though because she was still so very proud and tickled pink to be asked by fellow Juniors if she would be attending the Junior Jamboree next month. The idea of getting to learn more with kids her own age made the sting of her mistakes today much easier to swallow.

Out With A Fourth BANG!
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