For tonight’s conformation class, we decided to take Teddy for my daughter to practice with. He hasn’t had a lead on in over a year and that was just for his appearance in the costume contest at one of our fun matches. And I know it has been years since he was in a show ring. We were all curious to see how walking in even a practice ring would go.

As we packed up to head out tonight, the mere sight of me taking the dog carrier out brought Huggie into a fury of excitement. He has been packed up and taken along for over a year now and and the thought of leaving him out brought him to desperate screams and me to a broken heart. He just had to come along!

Huggie at Training with TeddyAs excited as Huggie gets to head out for the show ring, once he enters the ring, his lack of self confidence is apparent with his lowered head and tail. Granted, he has come a very long way in the confidence department over the last year but he still needs to work on a boost for the ring. I figured that bringing him would give an opportunity for some additional socialization. And that’s just what he got while Teddy and my daughter to take their first turn in the ring.

It was as if the moment that lead was put around Teddy’s neck that a switch turned to on and we went into show mode. Without a stitch of bait, Alexis walked into the ring with Teddy following with a loose lead, on her left side and at a perfect pace. WOW! He is the man! And he is going to make things much easier for Alexis at the Jamboree next month. He stacks without issue or adjustments on the table but we need to de-petify one habit we have allowed him to pick up from the floor – He likes to jump up on the judge’s legs to say hello when presented. I think in the grand scheme of things, that’s an easy one to de-teach and perhaps in some cases, it would be the perfect unforgettable moment in the ring!

Ready for Show - CHECK!
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