The much mentioned appointment with the vet was this morning and we had more than just KC in tow. I brought Barbie and Teddy for their own checkups. Barbie was brought to have her patellas and heart checked for her CHIC certification – YAHOO!!! SHE PASSED!!!! I am so proud!

KC getting her puppy teeth pulledTeddy was brought so that I could get his back checked out. We have been contemplating allowing my daughter to use him in Junior Showmanship since is is a natural in the ring, loves to show and doesn’t even require bait! Since the day we were blessed to have Teddy be a part of our family, I have noticed the curvature in his spine and wanted to make sure that he wasn’t in pain and healthy enough to be back on the show road. He was given the thumbs up with a mention to possibly see a chiropractor if things arise.

Then of course came KC’s procedure – She had a grand total of eight retained puppy teeth pulled! She did fabulous and had no issues with the anesthesia. Now we wait for her adult canines to position properly and pray her bites remains correct. Should I seek out a canine orthodontist to design her a retainer????

Out With A Fourth BANG!
Teddy's Turn