The much anticipated trip to West Palm Beach for the Junior Jamboree and the Jupiter-Tequesta dog show this weekend has come to a screeching fault. Well- Maybe not screeching and more like a bumpily-bump and rubber burning stop.

Our plans to start our journey at noon today were squashed by a family emergency, bringing us to contemplate canceling the weekend. After much thought, schedule reworking and last minute packing, we headed out with KC and Teddy for the 3+ hour drive south.

Only an hour into the drive, the bouncing rear end of the car and immense smell of burnt rubber alerted us that a flat tire was our next obstacle. If you have ever experience a flat tire on the Florida Turnpike after 9pm, you too know you are ON YOUR OWN! With that being said, we took it as a sign that we are NOT suppose to be in West Palm Beach this weekend. Disappointed? Most definitely! Trying to avoid any other potential catastrophes? Ya got that right!

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