EVERYTHING happens for reason. I have lived my life following that philosophy and the the amazing story of today’s event surly clarifies my beliefs.

Last month while we were at Doc’s office having KC’s puppy teeth pulled, I brought Teddy along for a health check before we took him on the dog show road. that morning, I met this amazing woman Arnita who had just lost her 13 year old Chihuahua hours before. after seeing Teddy in the carrier, she¬†solemnly asked if she could see him and she spent the next 30 minutes sharing some of the most heartwarming stories of her little guy, all while petting and holding my lover boy. Before she left, I explained that it may sound odd, but that when she came to the point that she wanted to have another cuddle buddy that I would love to help her find one. I could tell by the look on her face that I had taken her by surprise but that at some point, that offer would come to the forefront of her mind. Our sweet lap-lovers can never be replaced, but that unconditional love can come from a new addition. I had seen it one too many time before. That hole in the heart will yearn to be filled.

That day came – with a phone call and an admission. Yes, she did find my offer odd, thinking she could NEVER replace her sweet boy. She fought off calling me for close to two weeks, finally picking up the phone and hoping the offer still stood. She wanted to start over with a new forever friend.

We had always intended on keeping all three of our puppies from our first Teddy litter. Now that the girls are 8 months old, we have a much clearer picture of their development and maturity. It was crystal clear that Kahlua was very slow to mature and would never get over the 3 pound mark. With that being said, showing and most definitely breeding, were out of the question. We planned on holding on to her until she was two years old to see if she filled out more and when I met Arnita, I hoped to find her placement of a retired show dog. But with her call and amazing words about Teddy and his adorable girls, I knew what I had to do.

When I told her that I would be willing to place Kahlua I think her heart melted. I knew it was the perfect choice for BOTH of them. Kahlua is such an amazing girl that loves all people unconditionally and would flourish in a one-on-one home. She would want for nothing with Arnita and she would fill that hole in an entirely new way. Congrats to both of you!!!

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