If I can quote a friend, with the trauma of birth and dewclaw removal behind them, (Lana, you are such a hoot!) Barbie’s puppies are doing great, putting on weight and ready for their first official photo session. Of course, it is the first day of sunshine since they were born, so get get true, natural light photos, we had to wait until today.

It’s way too early to announce names, but each puppy is very uniquely marked and colored so they will be easy to tell who is who as we watch them grow.

[image size=”medium” lightbox=”true”]https://figgyschihuahuas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/girl1.jpg[/image]

Baby Girl #1
Her sweet, pixie faced adorableness is matched by her petite little frame, she is a black sabled fawn, just like her daddy and big half-sister, KC. She wont have as much sabling as KC but probably more than her daddy. I am so excited to see the intense sabling continue – It’s not something you see very often.

[image size=”medium” lightbox=”true”]https://figgyschihuahuas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/girl2.jpg[/image]

Baby Girl #2
The screamer of the litter, has been very vocal and active since second one. The black sabling and mask will most likely fade and blend in while her fawn coat should lighten. I am excited to see her grow – her shading should be beautiful! The largest in the litter, she is still petite and I would guess to grow to about 4.5 pounds.

[image size=”medium” lightbox=”true”]https://figgyschihuahuas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/girl3.jpg[/image]

Baby Girl #3
A very sweet faced little girl that has the most adorable streak of white down the center of her head. The first tri-color pup in the litter and is a beautiful shade of chocolate. Even though she doesn’t really have any white on her face, her chest is full and she is sporing four white socks. Her points are not tan, they are creamy in color – similar to Spike!

[image size=”medium” lightbox=”true”]https://figgyschihuahuas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/boy1.jpg[/image]

Baby Boy #1
From the moment he entered the world, I was in love with his beautiful colors! A stunning shade of silver blue with cream points and white irish markings. He is going to be one to watch – His markings are fabulous! The second largest in the litter, he too has a petite frame like his daddy.


[image size=”medium” lightbox=”true”]https://figgyschihuahuas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/girl4.jpg[/image]

Baby Girl #4
Our second chocolate tri of the litter, her points are a truer tan or fawn and she sports a lot more flashy, white markings. She seems to be the most laid back and easy going pup, so far. Of course, that could all change in a matter of hours, but in the mean time, she naps so contently!


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