Shelly is auntie to all puppies born here and the moment she heard of the latest’s arrival she backed up her bags and came to visit and play. She and Tami loved all over each of them, including Spike. They were his first official visitor too!

We had a wonderful time going over each one with a fine tooth comb. Barbie and Teddy made some beautifully marked puppies, each with unique placements of white as well as tan points on three of them. In the last 24 hours, their smooshy “birth faces” are starting to, what I call “pop into place”.

During the visit, we took care of the puppies’ dewclaws. All five had back dewclaws, which with cuddly, companion dogs can become a snagging nightmare! I have seen the bloody mess one of these torn nails can create. So, the best alternative is to remove them. Voila! All Set! Thank you Auntie Shelly and Auntie Tami!

Dry, Full and Comfy
Here They Are!