Not only did I not schedule the x-ray appointment correctly but my four puppy bet was passed by one. I can tell you that Barbie IS her momma and in a matter of five hours, we wrapped up and turned in, for the morning.

I was woken by Barbie at 4:15 this morning with her sitting on my chest and whining. I hadn’t even set up the whelping box yet – That was my plan for this morning!

I initially thought she was waking me to let her off the bed to go potty because she wasn’t showing the classic whelping signs – Panting and nesting. I brought her downstairs to potty and that’s when the panting started. So Barbie, the whelping box and a basket filled with towels headed back upstairs the the whelping room.

The pushing started at 4:45 and one hour and two minutes later, her first puppy arrived. She is a black sables fawn, just like her daddy, Teddy. She wasn’t even cut from the cord when her sister started her way out. A much lighter sabled fawn with a black mask. The biggest in the litter, she was a screamer from moment one!  30 minutes later, the third puppy arrived, a chocolate and tan with a tiny white line down the center of her forehead.

Barbie took an hour break for our first and only male to enter the world – the most beautiful shade of silver tricolor. Her fifth and final puppy was another girl – another chocolate try, this one with a lot more white. All five puppies arrived in just under 3 hours  – All healthy and nursing wonderfully. Barbie’s mommy instincts kicked into gear instantly and she too is doing fabulous!

Now it is time for me to head back to bed. I have only had two hours of sleep and after a very long show weekend, I just may sleep through tomorrow….

Lovin This Little Pistol
Dry, Full and Comfy