At one week old, these puppies are already starting to show their temperaments and we have a few LOUD puppies in the whelping box. It’s not because they’re hungry that is for sure! Their bellies are full and their weights have almost doubled since they were born. They are just “vocal” – Yeah, that’s what we will call it! It’s making for name selection to be a lot of fun and hopefully by this time next week, they can be unveiled. Until then, here are a few photos to share of their week one nail trim, weigh-in and friendly visitors…..

Aunt Shelly had to come check in on her favorite babies, give them belly kisses and soak up the puppy breath. I also brought Spike along for his first introduction to his nieces and nephew – At more than 5 times their size, he sure was scared by the whiners! Adorable since I know in a matter of a few weeks, he will be teaching them the puppy ropes and showing them how to use the doggy steps to get up onto the couch (Which he mastered this week).

Another Day Spent In Lady Lake