With Spike reaching the 8 week mark, it was time to get his first set of vaccines! With the trip being a long one, I brought KC and Kiki along for some checkups – I wanted to get to the bottom of Kiki’s allergies and have KC’s patellas and hips checked now that we are seeing some oddities in her rear end. I am proud to announce that Spike not only had no reactions to his vaccines and handle it all like a champ, after an hour of howling during his first crate and car ride experience, he calmed down and has that mastered – Not even a single potty accident! We did scrapings on Kiki and all results were negative so now we have to narrow down what she is allergic too. It’s most likely a food or flea allergy.

KC's Hip and Patella Check

And KC? We did x-rays to confirm but her patellas and hips are fine. It may be a puppy spurt and something she will grow out of. Of course we did discover that she had to poop and could potentially be going back into heat though. Looks like she will be getting some additional time to grow and develop so we can see if this is just a phase or not.

Since we were out in the area, we stopped by to visit with Vicky, making it my time to soak up some puppy breath and give belly kisses. Spike and I got to play with Eve and her sweet babies – OH MY GAWD ARE THEY ADORABLE! I was tickled pink to visit with Eve and Jessa – They both were equally excited to see me too! Boy are they a couple of very happy girls!

We Got Some Whiners
She Did So Good!