At only 10 days old, and it happening to be a Friday at that, I was concerned when I saw some rather soft stools coming from one of the puppies along with some slight dehydration. They are all too young to have contracted anything so I assumed it was a dietary thing but also didn’t want to risk the 3 hour round-trip drive to Doc’s. He suggested that I take mom and pups to the Longwood Veterinary Clinic and boy did he do me right.

A Quick Vet VisitThey were FABULOUS with Barbie, who also was such an amazing momma. Sure, she looked like a deer in headlights but she was calm with all of the poking and prodding, as well as the handling ofher babies. All in all, our assumptions were right – Barbie needed some probiotics to regulate her system and we should have healthy bellies in a few days.

Another Day Spent In Lady Lake
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