The Tedster’s comfy cuddles on the couch speak volumes for all of us after a nerve-wracking trip back home from Plant City yesterday. We are SO happy to be home! Honesty, the weekend was fabulous and the fact that we would make it home by noon was exciting! Show weekends usually run well into the evening, followed by a lot of unpacking, laundry and a good night’s sleep. Not this weekend!

Road RangersWe were so close – Only about 20 minutes from the house – When a garbage bag of trash flew from the back of a pickup truck on I4. With nowhere to move, myself as well as the three cars in front on me ran over the bag but only I was the unlucky one, getting a punctured tire. I have to say how disappointing it was to find even in Sunday traffic, none was willing to let me over to the right, forcing me to merge over the left side, between the guardrail and about 6″ from the edge of the road. Being the rear, passenger tire, this was NOT a safe or pretty picture.

Robert the Road Ranger ROCKS! Thank you for rescuing us – and for being so kind to our sweet KC and Teddy. They were quite perplexed with all of the commotion and you were so calm and patient – Unlike us humans 🙂

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