The girls got their second set of vaccines and health check today and all passed with flying colors. Like there was ever a doubt, right? Spike came along for his final set so that he can partake in the weekend’s activities and he was also a real trooper. He only let out a couple of whimpers from inside the crate on the ride out to Lady Lake – and not a peep on the way home!

And since we are discussing vaccines, I thought I would mention for those that are unaware, Chihuahuas should not receive the non-core Corona or Leptospirosis vaccines as tiny puppies can have very serious reactions to them. Also, when your vet suggest that you have the Bordetella vaccine administered, ask for the injectable version. I have personally found that the intranasal vaccine actually creates a cough more times than not. Bordetella is kennel-cough, which if you board your dog or visit dog-friendly establishment frequently, I would recommend the vaccine. If not, I would pass.

With all vaccines, I would recommend watching your Chihuahua closely for any reactions. The stress can easily cause a sugar drop, which too can add to the seriousness of the situation. Be on the look out for lethargy, a decrease in appetite and mild vomiting or diarrhea after vaccines have be administered and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Other reactions I have personally seen after Rabies vaccine has been administered is swelling of the face and/or ears as well as hives and itching. Be sure to ask your vet to include injectable Benadryl and as I always suggest to Chihuahua owners, have a bottle of Children’s Benedryl in the medicine cabinet, just in case!

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