Remember that new doggy bed I found on my last minute holiday shopping spree? Well, in a matter of one week, the dogs have proven that they ALL approve of the new napping spot. Ginny and KC crawled into the bed this afternoon and napped there together for quite a while.

While on the topic of Ginny and KC, I thought I might share the observations of mother and daughter. This house has seen many dogs and puppies. Ginny has had several litters and we have held back many of her pups. I am here to tell you that that mother-pup bond is lifelong and I have seen Ginny love on her babies from day one. KC is over a year old and is now a full grown adult, but never too old for her mother’s love. Ginny will clean her eyes and face, cuddle with her and even check on her throughout the day. The bond is forever and she knows, that’s her mommy!

This Says It All!
My Lap Guard