We headed out to Deland for the Junior conformation class this evening and Christina was unable to make it because of the Brooksville circuit so, Mark stepped in and taught the class. It was so interesting to hear his suggestions and input. With a smaller class, asking questions was possible and boy were the answers enlightening!

One of the biggest questions in the ring – Show and Juniors actually, is, with a Chihuahua, should we get down on the floor and stack the dog. With Mark and Cathy showing Pomeranians, another toy breed, the response was one that made both Alexis and I take note. If she is alone in the ring, self-stack from the standing position. If there care others in the ring, kneel on the ground and stack the dog to perfection.

Now, moving not to the confirmation ring with Chihuahuas, I have noticed that it is about half-and-half of who gets not eh ground and who self stacks. Each breed is different and those that have mentored me with Chihuahuas, all self stack. Cathy said to watch the professional handlers and see what they are doing.  Great advice actually! I went back and looked at all of the photos I have snapped at shows over the years and the professional handlers are on their knees after their individual walk around the ring. Interesting!!!

All of our Chi’s have been trained to self stack. Looks like I need to get them used to me holding the lead much closer to them and keep them from trying to jump into my lap while I am on the floor!

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