Juniors in BrooksvilleI was so disappointed for my daughter when I got the Judging Program for this weekend and saw she would be alone again in her class. I suppose it worked out for the best in the long run because she is very comfortable showing outside yet – This is only her second outdoor show and without the mats on the ground, she missed the “direction”.

Juniors in BrooksvilleMats or not, she and Teddy did a fabulous job – With Alexis watching the judge all the way around the ring and SMILING! Her biggest complaint was the the winds picked up and had her hair in there face! Looks like we need to find some new hair-dos for outdoor shows!

WIth her First in her class, Alexis headed back in for the Best Junior competition and again, she did a fabulous job. It’s another weekend of mastering for my daughter. The experience is well worth the trip!

Last of the Season
Another Great Class