I know I shouldn’t even complain since our families and friends up north are experiencing Winter Storm Ion with a much more intense impact, but we Floridians got down into the 20’s Monday night and even colder last night! We are freezing down here and not really sure what to do in such frigid temperatures. IT IS REALLY COLD!!! Tube socks with my sandals cold!

Granted, we will be back in the 80’s before the weekend arrives but our Chihuahuas don’t know that. They have no concept of the Polar Vortex  – What they do know is that it is not fun and they do not wish to get off of the couch. We have tried to run them outside to go potty and let’s just say, our spoiled Princes and Princesses dare not step out on to the deck. It’s a good thing they are trained to go on a potty pad or we would have a huge mess to deal with on top of the icy cold weather.

Mornin' Momma
Staying Warm