I am 9 days into the project and I am proud to announce that finishing paint touches are complete on the living space, kitchen and bathroom! YAHOOOOOOO!!! Dear hubby has agreed to use the paint gun to zip out the door painting this weekend but I have officially finished the horizontal stripes that I planned. I love the painted stripe look and putting it into the toy hauler was plan all along. Now that it’s done. I am SO happy with the ultimate choices we made in paint colors.

Hubby wanted a darker bedroom and bathroom (you know, the tiniest rooms in the camper) while I wanted lighter shades. The compromise was to go with the bottom two colors on the paint chip instead of the top two.

So the base is Behr’s Gentle Rain and I painted the bathroom area in Porpoise. Now when I do the bathroom this Spring, of course I want Sparrow while he wants Anonymous. Wanna place bets now on who will win?

While on the paint topic, I thought I should share that I selected the BEHR Premium Plus Semi-Gloss Enamel Exterior Paint. Reason being, it has the mildew and UV resistant – something that when painting an RV, you must take into consideration. Especially the mildew! You can have an additive put into an interior paint but for $5.00 difference in price, I went the exterior route.



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