Toy Hauler Travel Trailer - Demoing the cornice boardsWhile the temps dropped, I was very productive with the sewing machine over the last couple of days. Stripping the cornice boards of their gazzillion staples took longer than I anticipated. Thank goodness my hubby is a construction genius with every tool known to man. He pulled out his tack removing tool and voila! I got the second board done lickity split!

The next step was to take out my selected fabric to cover the boards as well as to create my window curtains. Sticking with the mildew resistant theme needed when you remodel a travel trailer, I went shopping for shower curtains to fit the bill. Finding the right colors and pattern was not as easy as I thought. They couldn’t be too feminine – This is a Toy Hauler for goodness sake – but I wanted some sort of pizzazz too! I found these at the local TJ Maxx and I picked up three of them.

I am proud to announce that I was able to cover two 5′ + long cornice boards, make eight curtains and two toss pillows out of only two of them. I also made curtain tie-backs using the top portion of the shower curtain. Sure, they may have hook holes in them but the vinyl insert adds the stiffness the tiebacks needed. All I did was sew some velcro onto the edges and when I attached them to the curtains, I simply adjusted the hook holes to the backs and sides. I didn’t waste a single piece of the two shower curtains. I guess that makes me green, aye?

All in all, I am THRILLED with the results. The window treatments really soften up the camper. Sure, they are for looks but they are also functional.

I used tension rods and with the curtains attached and then I slipped them in to the cornice board with the tension tightened on the sides. The factory installed blinds are back in place and the curtains glide open and closed on the curtain rod on top of the blinds but under the cornice.




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