After perusing the latest Ikea catalog, I had quite the list of items I wanted to pick up for our renovation project. In just under an hour, the cart was jam-packed with tons of great finds and tonight, I am going to share some of the besest of the best Ikea finds!

IKEA ShoppingOur plan was to remove both of the factory installed tables and their pole hardware, replacing them with a more permanent dining/sitting option to include a wonderful view, looking out into our campsite. The jackknife couch sat pointing into the camper. The dogs are the only ones who actually use that window, jumping on the back of the jackknife couch to look out at us humans having all of the fun. It’s time for us humans to be able to enjoy the view too!

Here is where the fabulous Norburg, wall-mounted table comes into play. As much as I like the longer ones, they didn’t fit our color scheme. I love the mini self that is created when the drop-leaf is lowered, giving us a spot to place odds and ends. We picked up two and installed them just below the window – They fit there PERFECTLY!!!!

With a new dining area, we needed to pick up some chairs. Keeping weight down was the main objective (outside of keeping with the color scheme of course) but we also wanted something that could be folded and stored out of the way, keeping with the Toy Hauler mentality.

Originally I wanted the Nisse chairs in blue. I am using accent colors of turquoise and red in the main portion of the toy hauler and with a price of $12.99, how could we go wrong? The perfect color, light weight and foldable? SOLD! Until we got the bin and saw they were sold out. I guess that yellow price tag means they are discontinued. Totally bummed! So then we moved onto the Gunde in white because the white version of the Nisse chair was double that of the blue! We picked up two white Gunde chairs for the price of one blue along with a pack of the Bjärnum folding hooks so that we can hang the chairs on the side of the cabinets when we are in tow or to simply keep them out of the way.

So here it is completely installed – I love how the two tables beside each other make the perfect dining spot as well as work area. We can fold down the tables as needed and the chairs are a perfect fit!






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