The West Volusia Kennel Club holds a Conformation Class devoted to Juniors on Tuesday nights and tonight we were finally abel to rearrange our very busy Tuesday schedule to fit in our first class. We love the classes held at the Orlando Dog Training Center by Mary-Lynn but my daughter wanted a chance to see what taking a Junior specific class was like.

Training with other kids was a huge treat for her and the Junior-specific tips and techniques were very cool. The change in location only added about 15 minutes to the drive for our other class but a whole new environment for our sweet Teddy. He didn’t know what to take from the carpet rummers and slick flooring. It didn’t take him long to adjust to the changes and Alexis was taught to be more animated to help keep his tail up. She also learned a new tip on table stacking him by placing her fingers between his hinds legs instead of around them. It made for a much cleaner presentation.

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