Today we headed out to Lady Lake for the puppies to get their final set of puppy vaccines and so Spike could get his rabies vaccine. On our last journey to the vet, Spike got car sick and threw up all over himself and the crate! That was an icky mess to clean up – and SMELL! I figured it was a one time thing. Being a single pup, he has some unique traits that I have always assumed to be because of it. His complete displeasure in being in a crate for more than an hour, making night time a less than quite time. After today’s adventure, I think our little Spikey is claustrophobic!

On the way to the vet, I could here the belly rumbles, vomiting and discomfort. I would pull over at gas stations to clean up the mess and calm him down, finally choosing to let him finish the ride on my daughter’s lap. Instantly, the anxiety and vomiting stopped and he rode out the journey in a much better way. The ride home we kept him on the lap and again, no issues. Poor little guy – You got it rough!


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