I always recommend Chihuahuas in pairs. Please don’t get me wrong, single Chihuahuas do just fine in a family, especially when they bond with their “person/people”. But whenever possible, the idea of having two is suggested because they love their Chi buddies. When we humans aren’t available to give them our undivided attention, they can be seen napping, playing or simply being with their Chihuahua companion. When you have multiple Chihuahuas like we do, a completely different step is added. They team up – in a good way!

Over the years, I have watched the Chihuahuas in our home team up with their bestest buddy. Every Chi in our home has done it and I am sure most future ones will too. It’s just what they do! Baby and Ginny, Dude and Cosmo, Teddy and Dewey, Barbie and Blue, KC and Spike and of course, now Smoochie and Bella.

Ultimate Late Night Buddy
We Have a Team!