KC is my all time favorite late-night buddy. I am a true night owl and do the majority of my tedious projects after 10:00pm. Ideally, I am on the couch with my laptop and a pile of dogs – The puppies, KC, Spike, Dewey and Teddy. They all find their spots and that’s where they stay until about 2-3 am when I retreat to the bedroom. KC is the most aware of me and my spot, usually snuggling in beside me, until I move my laptop off of my lap. That’s when she jumps up onto my chest for some  one-on-one attention, and then back to the spot beside me she goes.

Tonight I ran into the kitchen the refill my coffee cup and this is how I found her when I returned. She obviously realized I paused the show I was watching and often times, the remote gets stepped on by a dog and usually gets a channel-change in the process. She guarded the remote so that we could get back to the show. She is one smart cookie – Or at the least, I am giving her credit for being one!

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