I am still on couch rest and if you have spent any time with me, you will know this has NOT been easy. I am always doing something and knowing there is an unfinished project in my yard has been driving me NUTS! I cut out new harnesses from some cool, new fabrics that I picked up but the cold weather and the piles of dogs and blankets were calling my name to the couch.

That’s where the dogs and myself sat for more hours than I would like to admit. I got sucked into the Candy Crush vortex and played for WAY too long. It wasn’t my fingers that gave me the alert that I needed to move AWAY from the candy it was fact that my leg went numb. I originally thought it was perhaps the pinched nerve in my neck working it’s way down my body – NOPE! It was the fact that I had several dogs using my leg as pillow. Perhaps they too were amazed at the fact that my legs – and the rest of my body – was in one place for such a one time!

Burrr, Diddy, Burr-Burr
Wicked Weather Huddle