With me waiting for the counter tops to cure, I have had the entire day to update the website and get a lot of work done on my laptop. I saw just how much the dogs have missed my couch time/their lap time as they all huddled around and ON me all evening.

Spike and KC enjoying LaptimeKC, Dewey and Teddy are my little shadows and know that when I sit my butt down in my spot, it’s time for them to claim their own spot. They usually crawl into the tight spaces they can create between pillows and my body and that is where they stay until I get up.

Spike, KC and Smoochie enjoying Laptime

Now, Smoochie and Spike are  not as accustom to me having my lap occupied by my Macbook and by the end of the evening, they made it very well know that they wanted the lap all to themselves! Spike got right into the keyboard and Smoochie kept trying to knock over my mouse. I took the hint guys! I am unplugging for the night!

Da Whimp!
Ultimate Late Night Buddy