When breeding dogs, working around heat cycles is a must. When breeding AND showing dogs, seasons can add an entirely different aspect to the work around. As luck would have it, we have KC entered with Hope for the shows in Elkton the first weekend in April. So now she gets to show a very ripe girl her first time in the Chihuahua breed ring AND we get to keep her separated in the hotel! Oy Vey!

Since she was also entered with her for Juniors, I think it’s best that we switch her over to Spike for that competition. I am here to tell you that with Juniors, it is ALWAYS a great idea to have at least two dogs in the child’s name (or owned by a family member) for just this type of situation.

Since Spike has became quite enamored with his besest buddy now that she is swollen and emitting a plethora of hormones, KC is coming back here for her season so that we can prevent her from being bred. Smoochie and Bella couldn’t be more thrilled that their play buddy is back!

Adding Another Breed To The List
She Rocked It!