We packed up the Bella and headed out to Sanford for the afternoon for the girls to show the Aussies in the B Match. I will get to Bella in a bit but I can tell you now that the my daughter blew me away! As a person that has never actually shown or received any training on how to show a large breed dog and has only spent about 20 minutes working with an Aussie she did an AMAZING job showing one at the match today. Clearly the hours she has spent watching all of the others show large breeds has paid off because she used many of the tried-and-true techniques I too have witnessed over the years. And for the first time in a very long time, she had competition – AND GOT FIRST PLACE!!!!

Granted, this was a B Match and not worth any points but the fact that she showed an unknown, large breed dog for the very first time and took First was a major boost to her confidence. To get Reserve to her besest friend Hope was the icing on the cake and all of this on her birthday! Yes, it’s her birthday today! What an awesome day! Again, a very special thanks to Kristie for this amazing opportunity.


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