We drove up to St. Augustine this afternoon for our exciting show weekend in Elkton, Florida and after unpacking, we are all tucked in for the night here at the Days Inn. I thought I would take some time to share some traveling with dogs tips, especially when it comes to traveling for dogs shows.

One of the biggest tips I can share is that is you plan on staying in hotels with your dogs, pick up as many plastic shower liners that you can find at the Dollar Store. They make a perfect barrier under your dog pens to keep the hotel room carpet free from marking boys and any potty accidents. You can use clothespins to attach the liners up and around the bottom of the pens to keep boys from lifting and marking outside of the barrier. Also, I find that the Iris Pen makes for easy transport and they are very lightweight. Set up a little spot for your canine companions in the hotel room and be sure to bring the some of the comforts of home. A dog bed and toys make the transition much easier.

For this trip, I accidentally left the shower liners at home – my bad – but happened to have a tarp on hand, which wrapped nicely around the bottom of our pen. KC is officially out of her heat (thank goodness) and she will be making her debut with Hope this weekend. The same for Beamer and Alexis! Smoochie came along for socialization, in preparation for her debut in May!

She Rocked It!
Watching The Sun Rise