With the the expansion of “Team Figgy”, the B Match that I was going to have one entry in suddenly grew to seven and the day became jam-packed with fun and amazing memories.

Hope and her family came along for the journey out to Lakeland to take advantage of the Health Clinic  (we got micro chips for $14!!!!) and to attend this month’s meeting. I am so excited to announce that Hope and her mom Ernestine are now official members of the Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club! Also, my daughter Alexis who has been attending meetings for years is now officially a member too. 

After all of the formality, the fun truly began. Alexis has become very drawn to the smooth coats while Hope prefers the longs. It all worked perfectly because that allowed the girls a chance to show several in their preferred variety.

The smooths went first, with Alexis and Smoochie being the very first to enter the ring for the match and I have to say, they both ROCKED it!  Sure, there were a few pauses and stops in the ring but for the most part, she walked with tail held high. That’s a LOT for a 4 month old puppy that has only had some lead training the cul-de-sac out front and never been to a show before. So proud!

Next she brought in Kara. Now she has not been lead trained and is on the shy side. This was a lot for her  – A change in environment not once but twice and now with a stranger wanting her to walk around the ring? Barbara (our judge for the match) was SO AWESOME! Patience and calm with each and every pup that showed and that’s just what she showed Kara. She had a wonderful first-ring experience!

We moved onto the dogs and that’s when Beamer got to make his debut. He was very quick to pick up the whole lead thing and be-bopped around the ring in his special happy-go-lucky Beamer way. Adorable! And another wonderful first-ring experience.

TBCC B MatchThe switch to the long coat variety was quick and the girls were ready. Like a well oiled machine, they worked together as a team to get the armbands and dogs lineup and into Hope’s hands. She too had her hands full with amateur pups but she also handled it all like a champ.

Hope started with Spike. To know he has only been with Hope for a couple of weeks, I have to say, they have truly bonded. Alexis did an amazing job with lead training him and Hope has done awesome working him past where Alexis left off. Wow! He looked fabulous out there! For being a less than confident pup for the first 6 months of his life, to watch him walk that ring with his head held high made me very proud of both of them. The tail will be the last of the lessons but clearly that will not be hard for Hope to accomplish.

Bella made her debut next and I must admit, her first show appearance was not very elegant. She has always been less than confident on the lead and taking steps was far and few between. It was no different today and Hope was a real trooper. A huge thank you must go out to Barbara for her amazing patience.

Next was Raina’s turn and boy did she do awesome! I watched her somewhat walk on the lead with Vicky yesterday so to see her walk without a single pause today was a wonderful surprise. And with competition on the ring too! Sure, the confidence needs to grow but what an amazing start!

TBCC B Match - KCHope rounded out her afternoon with KC in the adult class and my initial thoughts were truly confirmed. KC shows WONDERFULLY for Hope. Clearly she too has bonded with Hope well and they showed like a fabulous team out there today.

Her tail is still needing some confidence but she truly remains focused on Hope instead of what is going on outside of the ring (except a few peeks out at me) which I haven’t seen since she was a young pup. I can’t wait to see what these two do in the actual ring!

TBCC B Match - SmoochieAt the end of the match, Smoochie and Alexis were called back into the ring and guess what? Smoochie got Best Junior Puppy at the Match!!! SOOOOO COOL! And very exciting. I actually think the Smooch realized it was a big moment. I know we humans did! Add that to new club membership, first show experience training for six pups and of course, fantastic company with fabulous friends – What an awesome day!

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